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7 Ways to Increase Your Gas Mileage


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At present, every auto user looks for ways to improve his/her car's gas mileage. Many car owners are ignorant of the fact that cars use only a small portion of the entire fuel in tank. You may feel proud of your truck or car, as it displays shiny paintwork with a beautiful finish. The truth is most of the fuel is a waste in different forms such as the exhaust gases, carbon deposits and heat. All these hamper the engine's performance.

Car owners spend many dollars at fuel pumps constantly fueling their cars. Almost half of what they spend goes waste and goes up in fumes. This way, you not only lose your hard-earned money, but also disturb the environment, as your car emits the exhaust gases. Fuel prices have gone up, and hence for reducing the financial strain on fuel purchases, you need to find ways to improve the car's mileage.


1. You need to check the air filter daily to either replace or clean it. Dirty or clogged air filter lessens the oxygen content present in the fuel. This interferes with the fuel mixture that causes the air filter to burn and brings down power and performance of the engine.

2. The mileage also depends on tire pressures of your vehicle. Hence, you need to make sure that pressures in tires are accurate, because under-inflated tires lessen the mileage of your car.

3. Take your car for servicing whenever necessary. You may use engine oil that is energy conserving, and which improves the consumption of fuel and reduces friction.

4. Let a qualified mechanic test your car brakes. If car brakes are sticking or binding, there is no doubt you are driving with brakes on. This affects the fuel consumption seriously.

5. Use the right type of fuel for your car. Car owners have to use the accurate octane rating recommended by the automobile dealer or provider. Do not waste money on using any octane fuel that is highly rated.

6. Car drivers need to give up aggressive driving practices. Due to quick acceleration and applying brakes hard, there is a disturbance in fuel economy. Try to use the accelerator smoothly and apply soft brakes as much you can to the engine.

7. You may lower the consumption of fuel using devices for car mileage. Devices such as hydrogen car kits are available on the market. Hydrogen car kit turns water from reservoir into gasoline. This artificial fuel mixes with the fuel present in your car's fuel tank and dually powers the engine. In addition, the mixture burns more cleanly and efficiently and helps you save 35% of fuel consumption.

Advice To Car Owners:

Individuals have to understand and learn these ways to improve gasoline mileage for their cars. You may try to implement many of the methods for a month and assess your car's performance. By taking some preventive steps, you are sure to save on money and improve your car's fuel efficiency.

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8 Easy Ways to Increase Gas Mileage and Save Money on Gas
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