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Car Fuel Cell Cost Saving Tips With Car Fuel Cell


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Recently, there where a lot of reports online about the benefit of car fuel cell. Many people that adopted this new form of energy has experienced some degree of fuel savings on their cars. With the recent fuel price hike, many car owners are adversely affected by the event and finding it hard to make ends meet. Because of that, the notion of car fuel cell has been getting a lot of interest. This article will provide some information on car fuel saving tips by utilizing this technology.

Fuel cell is basically the idea of generating electricity by passing hydrogen through a membrane. For the time being, this concept has a few drawbacks mainly its implementation cost. An alternative to use fuel cell energy is by using a hydrogen gas (H2) generator. H2 can be easily produced from water. We know that water is made of 2 parts hydrogen and one part oxygen thus the term H2O. By using an electrolysis process, H2 can be generated by passing electricity current through electroplates submerged in H2O.

Hydrogen gas is highly flammable and its properties is superb to supplement gasoline on cars. A vehicle will increase its mileage when H2 is channeled into the engine air intake system and burnt in the combustion chambers. Hydrogen gas can burn more efficiently and generate more power from the engine. As an added benefit, the only by product from the combustion is pure water vapor.

To convert a car to use fuel cell energy is not a difficult process. Most of the components needed are common goods available from a hardware store. You will need to invest about $150 for the whole modification process. What you will need is a good instruction guide to assist you. If you are considering ways to reduce your car gasoline cost, hydrogen fuel cell technology holds a lot of promises.

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How to Build a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Free Plans to Use Water As Fuel
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