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Water Fuel Cells Scam, Or a Brilliant Fuel Saving Device?


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Water fuel cells are gaining popularity amongst vehicle owners across the globe. The reason is simple - fuel prices are going way beyond reasonable these days. So much so that some vehicle owners are forced to give up driving just to avoid paying exorbitant prices for fuel.

You do not have to give up your beloved cars and trucks just yet. Thousands of innovative people around the world are making use of water - one of earth's most abundant element - as a form of fuel source for automobiles. Yet as with many brilliant inventions in their early stages, water fuel cells face heavy skepticism from some.

So are water fuel cells a scam, or a misunderstood device that can truly help you save money on fuel? Let us dispel some of the common myths surrounding the science of using water as fuel for cars.

Most people are baffled by the thought of water as a fuel element. In fact, water is not being used as fuel directly. In a typical system, water fuel cells make use of your car battery or alternator electrical power to extract a gas combination called HHO from water. This powerful HHO gas is what is being used as fuel supplement to help the petrol and air mixture in the car engine to burn more efficiently and cleanly, and hence reducing the amount of fuel needed to drive the car.

There is also concern on the safety of using a powerful and combustible gas such as HHO in your car engine. It is natural that such concerns should arise, knowing the fact that HHO gas is 3 times more powerful than normal gasoline.

But unlike engines running on compressed natural gas (CNG), water fuel cells do not store large amounts of highly combustible gas. It is a system that employs HHO on demand, where the HHO gas is only produced as needed by the engine. So the powerful combustion process only takes place under controlled circumstances in the engine's combustion chambers.

People's skepticism on using water as fuel is further fueled by the lack of recognized vendors or manufacturers selling these devices in the market. Without going deep into conspiracy theories, let us just say that using water fuel technology will greatly affect the economy of oil producing nations and also oil companies.

As of today, instruction blueprints on how to make your own water fuel cells can be obtained from independent vendors at a fairly low price. $200 can get you a very detailed instruction manual on how to convert your car to use a water fuel kit, and to get the materials needed to make the kit. That's quite a low overhead cost, compared to the amount of money you will eventually save from using less fuel to drive your car.

Thousands of satisfied vehicle owners now enjoy hundreds of dollars savings from their monthly gasoline bills, just by switching to water as fuel. So are water fuel cells just a scam? I don't think so.

Find out how you can also convert your car to use water as fuel today at . Grab the best-selling water fuel cell manual to make your own water fuel system, and join the thousands across the globe who now make use of water to save money on fuel.


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