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Clarksons Top Fuel Saving Tips


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I was going to drop off my friend to the near-by train station yesterday, who came over to stay for the weekend. The train station happen to be 50 miles away from where i live. But the on-board computer said I only had enough petrol to train for 10 miles. I knew i will not be passing by any petrol stations along the way.

So how do I make full use of the petrol to travel that 50 miles? Especially when the car i am driving happen to be a BMW X6, running on 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine.

You always read on newspaper that you should do this and that, remove this and remove that. As a matter of fact, to save fuel, all you have to do is to think ahead. Long way ahead.

-If you know you are going to be stopping for the red light, release the throttle immediately. If you wait, followed by using the brake, you are wasting the petrol to get the speed which you don't need.

-If you car comes with cruise control, try not to use it AT ALL. Cruise control is a useless piece of equipment. Use something more sensitive, something like your foot. Speaking of that, wear a shoe that is fitting, Anything bigger then that take away the sensitivity.

-Think of what electrical appliances you need. Items such as car charger, is always good not to use it, unless in a emergency.

-DO NOT use you heated rear window unless you can't really see anything. Same goes to your headlights. Turn of the air-conditioning as well. By switching it off, your fuel consumption can drop by as much as 12 per cent. That is one big saving.

-Speed. You don't need to travel fast. Instead of doing 85 miles on the highway, try like 75 miles.

-According to research, travelling at 56 miles is the optimum speed for the best consumption in most cars. But do not try this in villages. You will most likely end up in prison.

-Using the throttle to go up hill is bad. When going downhill, release your throttle. Instead, work with gravity to build up speed.

-Get the car into top gear as fast as possible. But remember, fifth gear is bad.

-Try not to get a Toyota Prius.

I followed all these guideline and managed to get home smoothly. You can apply these to your car as well.

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