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Improve Car Gas Mileage HHO Conversion Increase Hybrid Gas Mileage

Robin Mullen

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With the rising cost of fuel, consumers are desperately looking for ways to improve their car gas mileage. Car gas mileage refers to the distance the car has traveled and the amount of gas consumed for that particular trip.

One technology that can help consumers get the best car mileage is the HHO Conversion System. The concept behind this technology is the use of water as fuel. Instead of using 100% gas, a HHO car utilizes some amount of water for power and energy. It does not replace gasoline entirely, but actually supplements it.

The system extracts a little electricity out of the car/truck battery to separate water into a gas called “HHO" (2 parts Hydrogen 1 Oxygen), which burns beautifully and produces tons of energy. Many consumers have already turned to this technology and converted their cars or trucks into a water-burning vehicle because of its inherent advantages.

One of its advantages is its capability to double and even triple a vehicle gas mileage. It is estimated that the technology can improve car gas mileage by up to 35%.

Owners of hybrid cars can also increase their hybrid gas mileage through this hydrogen conversion system. On a road test, a heavy 350 V8 van achieved a 50% increase on gas mileage, while a Ford truck achieved a 56% increase.

The system can also enhance car engine power and performance. It does not emit harmful chemicals. In fact, it eliminates harmful exhaust emission that pollutes the environment and contributes to global warming.

Many drivers of HHO powered cars also report a smoother operation because the system removes carbon deposits and prevents future carbon build up, thereby ensuring a calmer, quieter and smoother engine operation and gearshifts. Water for gas also reduces the operating temperature of the engine. This technology is also affordable than any other technology that uses water to save fuel and is easy to install and remove.

See which HHO Conversion Kit produces the most effective result to Improve Car Gas Mileage Word of caution - Don't end up with a mediocre Hydrogen Conversion Kit that will hinder your success to convert to HHO power car.


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