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Make Hydrogen Gas For Better Gas Mileage

Jody Collier

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With all the ebook guides available now, It's easy to make hydrogen gas.

I just read an article about a high school chemistry class where a common experiment involved making hydrogen gas using salt water and a 9 volt battery. The fact that it is possible and even dead easy to make hydrogen gas is well known and documented. So why is it that people just wont believe that a car can make hydrogen gas in a way that increases gas mileage?

Think about it. High school kids easily make hydrogen gas with salt water and a battery in a classroom lab with crude and inexpensive materials. To make it more exciting, one teacher added a little dish washing soap to make hydrogen bubbles that could be lit with a match. The resulting explosion was a little too exciting!

In fact it scared the crap out of the teacher and students down the hall.

Isn't that exactly what happens inside a car engine? Repetitive explosions of atomized gas mixed with air is what keeps a car running, isn't it?. So Adding explosive hydrogen gas to the mix not only increases the efficiency and increases gas mileage but just plain adds more fuel.

It makes perfect sense to me. I have seen it work first hand with a welding torch.

Let me boil it down even further: The excess electricity created by your cars alternator is passed through a container of water and baking soda. Hydrogen and Oxygen are extracted from the water solution and bubble to the top of the container where it is drawn into the cars fuel intake system. This simple process makes hydrogen and oxygen that increases gas mileage and improves emissions.

There are several online sites that offer guides with step by step instructions on how to build your own hydrogen generator for your car. A small home made hydrogen that improves gas mileage. And who couldn't benefit from better gas mileage?

3 tips for deciding which one to buy are;

  1. only purchase hydrogen conversion kit guides that offer a money back guarantee
  2. no matter which guide you purchase, do not use any glass containers
  3. only consider hydrogen conversion kits that draw low amperages from your alternator.

For more information on how to make hydrogen gas , visit


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Hydrogen for Gas Mileage Increase
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