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Ways to Improve Gas Mileage 3 Useful Tips to Get Better Gas Mileage

Michael Lee

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With today's oil crisis, it's definitely smart to make the most of your gas mileage. In this article, I'm going to reveal how you can get more value for your money and teach you 3 simple ways to improve gas mileage. By the end of this article, both your car and wallet will be singing for joy.

First of all, you have to remember that your situation won't improve just by reading certain ways to improve gas mileage. You have to be committed to following these tips, too, if you want to achieve long-term effects. Help your car, and your car will help you back. Sounds crazy? Well, read on!

1. Take good care of your car.

Some people just buy their cars without really knowing how to take care of them properly. Out of all the ways to improve gas mileage, this is probably one of the most neglected.

For instance, you should not forget to replace your oil filters every three months. Why? This is because your motor's air filters are prone to dust and bugs- nuisances which only force your car to do double the work.

Why don't you check your car's air filters now and see if it's still in good shape or clogged? After you make the necessary adjustments, take your car out for a spin. See the difference in efficiency and you'll be sure to keep your car in good condition always.

2. Don't go into a road rage.

There are a lot of drivers who just zoom past you like there's no tomorrow. However, what they don't realize is that they're consuming twice as much gas that way.

If you're not in a particular hurry, then slow down and enjoy the drive. This will save you a good amount of gas and will help you make the most of your last stop at the gas station. This is one of the better ways to improve gas mileage.

3. Don't take shades for granted.

Parking without a shade is truly one of the most unpleasant car experiences in the world. Aside from the unbearable heat trapped inside the vehicle and the warmth stuck in the seats, you also have to deal with increased evaporation.

When you leave your car out under the mercy of the sun, your gas evaporates more frequently and you're robbed of gas without even knowing it.

These useful ways to improve gas mileage have been tried and tested with varying results. However, you have to admit that these tips also give you more than just additional gas mileage. They teach you how to give your car better maintenance, and discipline you to become smarter when it comes to driving and parking.

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