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Gas Saving Devices Do They Actually Work?


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These high gas prices have caused a number of interesting supposed gas saving devices to be on the market. Some of these devices actually work, some do not. Let's take a minute to explore the various types of gas saving devices available on the market today and at near the end, I will give you a conclusion of what really works.

The first type is not really a device but more like a gimmick. Fuel additives. I remember when I was a child, my father used to put “Marvel Mystery Oil" in every tank of gas. I asked him, “why do you put that in there?", he responded back, “it makes the engine run better and gets me more miles to the gallon, son. ". I was just a child, so I did not really notice anything special about it.

When I got my own car, I used that brand plus a variety of other brands claiming to get me better gas mileage. Nothing worked. I kept getting the same gas mileage. So from my personal experience and reports I have read, fuel additives simply will not increase your gas mileage. They might keep your engine clean and stuff like that, which will keep your mileage at what it is.

The second gas saving device is really a device. I have seen this type of product marketed in so many different ways. Each product was different but ultimately it was a piece of metal you would hook up to your engine. Most of these devices deprived your car of the right amount of gas which causes permanent damage. Each company that has tried is no longer around! I wonder why?

The final method would be to convert your car to use an alternative fuel such as water! I have actually done this to my Prius and it is what allows me to get gas mileage over 100MPG. The technology works by making a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen out of water. It can be done for under $100 worth of materials. Double your gas mileage right now!

Anthony Harper is a hypermiling enthusiast. He owns a Prius and gets over 100 miles per gallon using both gas and water. You too can convert your car to use water . Anthony regularly competes in hypermiling competitions around the world.


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Gas Saving Tips Never Work Secret Gas Saving Products Are Scams Increase Your ..
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