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Better Fuel Economy A List of 5 Fuel Saving Tips


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If you drive, filling up your gas tank is a must and a fact of life. Whether you use your car to go to work or strictly for leisure, you have to have gas to get where you are going! There are some very simple steps your can follow to keep that money in your wallet when you are at the gas tank. They are so simple and good for your car.

Here are my 5 tips for better fuel economy:

  1. Keep track of your average fuel economy. This can be very helpful when you notice any major changes in the numbers. That would mean you need something changed in your vehicle to get it back to the condition it was in.
  2. Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Properly inflated tires cause your vehicle to have an efficient rolling distance, meaning it will go farther on less gas. This reduces friction between the tire and the road. Make sure not to overinflate your tires as it can be dangerous.
  3. Remove any extra weight you might be carrying in the vehicle with you. Maybe you have some sports equipment in the trunk. Remember, it takes more gas to move a bigger load.
  4. Do not drive aggressively. This means do not accelerate fast, slow down slowly. Accelerating too quickly can cause your vehicle to burn too much fuel, more than is needed to actually get the vehicle moving.
  5. Do not idle too much. Experts say that idling for 10 seconds uses the same amount of gas as it does to start the engine. There are actually idling laws prohibiting excessive idling in some municipalities across the country.

These are all very effective fuel economy tips but if you are really serious about upping your gas mileage, consider converting your car to run on water. It is the latest technology and can be done for under $100 worth of materials. Find out how to Double Your Gas Mileage right now.

Anthony Harper is a hypermiling enthusiast. He owns a Prius and gets over 100 miles per gallon using both gas and water. You too can convert your car to use water . Anthony regularly competes in hypermiling competitions around the world.


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Fuel Saving Using Fuel Technology Systems
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