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Electric Vehicle Motors


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You've decided to build your own electric vehicle and now you need to learn about electric vehicle motors.

There are many considerations in choosing which one to install.

What do you need to know to get started?

  • DC or AC- the choice is yours

  • How big of a motor do you need?

  • Detailed plans on how to build an electric car- electric vehicle motors

  • Do you choose a car or truck?

    Let's start with the vehicle you will use. There are some basic considerations you need to remember but mostly vehicle weight and battery capacity are your main concerns.

    Basically the lighter the vehicle the farther it will be able to travel between charges. That means installing electric vehicle motors in a small car or truck is your best choice. This must be balanced with total battery capacity too, since the more batteries, the longer your vehicle range will be.

    We have chosen small trucks for most of our latest conversions as they are light, strong and have lots of room for batteries making it a good choice for installing electric vehicle motors.

    Which motor should you choose?

    Most of the large car companies are installing large AC motors in their electric vehicles. AC is light for its power output and they have a powerful charging device that works off of your braking system when the AC motor is slowed down that energy is actually transferred to the batteries.

    The two drawbacks to those motors are that they are more difficult to install compared to DC and more expensive.

    For that reason we have chosen DC electric vehicle motors for our recent conversions. They are easier to install and cheaper too.

    The plans we found also showed us where to find them for free- and deep cycle batteries from the same source too. That really saved us a lot of money.

    Since electric vehicle motors will last a very long time, probably through 2 vehicles obtaining used DC motors is a good choice for the conversion. Good recycled motors are all around if you know where to look.

    Motors in the 9 to 13 inch range work best and has lots of power.

    Choosing the right vehicle and obtaining free parts will definitely keep the cost of the project down too.

    The first time you drive by a gas station after you do your conversion you won't be able to stop smiling.

    Did you know that gas prices are expected to rise to $7 per gallon next year?

    Isn't it time you did your own conversion? Let's get started.

    Learn about Electric Vehicle Motors is a great place to start and learn how you can save lots of money on your gas bills for the future and help the environment in the process.

    Our family began living off the grid in 2001 and we have never looked back. Learning about electric vehicle motors has been a big part of our renewable energy strategy to build our own electric car.

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    Electric Car Conversion - Online Manual For DIY Vehicle Converting
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