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How to Build a Hydrogen Generator to Save Money on Gas


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A hybrid car burn and run solely on water but cost 3 times more than a gasoline consumption vehicle. A hydrogen generator makes your car runs on hydrogen and gasoline that increase your gas mileage more than 50%. If you buy a “X" device it cost around $8000. So I suggest you to make one yourself and save your money for something valuable.

A Hybrid car and a ‘X’ device hydrogen generator can cost you a fortune. So why not build yourself a home-made hydrogen generator? You can create one for less than $200.

You can build a hydrogen generator by using a 950 cc. quart-size container, the pre-made kits can be found at your local shop or on the internet. The container is use to hold distilled water, it get vacuum and electricity of 12 volts from the car battery that break the water molecule into 2 atoms know as hydrogen and oxygen.

HHO gas or brown gas is produce by the mixture of hydrogen and conventional fuel that make your car runs. The combination of hydrogen and gasoline produce usable gas that is burnable which is very safe to your vehicle and the environment. This method is known as ‘Water4Gas’ system.

The Water4Gas system is based on simplicity, safeness, and effectiveness which can be used for all type of vehicles. The installation of electrical connection is quite easy and safe. The complication and relays processes have been eliminated so the installation is much more straight-forward and to-the-point.

Here is how the hydrogen generator device got installed inside the car. The container device is connected to your car battery that uses 12 volts of electricity through the ignition switch to avoid engine turn-off while in the stage of hydrogen production. The device draws very little current (1-3 Amps) and is fuse protected. The process took approximately less than 10 minutes to connect.

A home-made hydrogen generator can be built for less than $200. All you need is a container filled with pure water that connected to your car engine. Below are all equipments and parts you need to build a hydrogen generator;

An electrolyzer, MAP Sensor Enhancer, vaporizer, fuel heater, PCV Enhancer , fuse holder, wiring, vacuum T-connector, vacuum hoses, mechanical installation hardware, and catalyst.

I am sure you may have not heard of the above mentioned equipments. Water4Gas is written to guide you through the entire installation process. No mechanical background is required to build a hydrogen generator. All you need is a guide with a step-by-step instruction.

For additional review information on “Water4Gas" system Visit here .

Author: Jack Charles


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