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How to Build a Hydrogen Generator For Cars


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High price gasoline makes you falling out of your pocket and shrinking your personal income. You are not alone people all over the world are effected by the skyrocketing gas price. But many aren't realized or know that they can use a hydrogen generator to relief the pressure of paying more for gas.

From my experience, hydrogen generator is a rare device that really make a big different in the gas mileage. So you may want to find out how to build a hydrogen generator for your car but it may sound a little complication at first, actually it is quite easy if you keep on reading. So let's us take a overview at the basic;

The first factor you will need is your car, which is a gasoline or diesel consumption vehicle, get the one that you want to improve the gas mileage. I will assume that you have already got one of your vehicle, then let's keep moving on!

Secondly you will need a guide, an instruction that guide you step by step on how to build a hydrogen generator and installing it inside your car. I recommend “Water4Gas" system guide which give simple instruction and explanation.

The process is very simple and safe. Basically the system works by passing the electric power through the water that caused a process known as “electrolysis". During this process, the water molecule split into 2 components (hydrogen and oxygen), when hydrogen mix again together into a gas known as HHO or Brown gas. The HHO gas is a supplementary to gasoline that your car will use to improve gas mileage. The whole idea is to build a hydrogen generator in order to produce HHO gas.

To build a hydrogen generator, a container like object is needed to hold at least 10 ounces of distilled water, with electrolysis being setup that submerges in the water container, and some power connection cables for the electrolysis process. A tube is also required for the HHO gas to pass through into the car engine. These are all the tool kits that you need to make a hydrogen generator. You can find all these parts and tools at your local shop or on the internet.

The HHO gas will bubble up to the top of the container and passed via tubing into the car engine power intake, the gas will be mixed with incoming gasoline. You can tie the ignition switch with a fuse so that the whole process will continuous working virtually when the car is running. A hydrogen generator is all you need to save gas, it is placed under the hood near the engine, connected to your car battery and engine, just fill it up with distilled water and baked soda.

For additional review information on “Water4Gas" system Visit here .

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