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America Solves High Gas Prices With Water Fuel Cell Technology


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We are living in the greatest nation on the planet, yet our current politics are conspiring against us in an effort to keep us captive to the special interests of big oil and the environmental lobby. These two opposing forces are actually working together to keep gas prices high, to line their pockets and advance radical environmental agendas. We are being told to get used to $4.00 gas, that “these are the good old days. " But it doesn't have to be that way!

There are several great products out there that have been developed by good old American ingenuity that allow you to cheaply modify your gas guzzler into an efficient water fuel cell vehicle. This remarkable technology allows you to improve fuel efficiency by 50-70%.

How does it work? You can install a conversion kit on your vehicle that will use electricity from your car's battery to separate from water a byproduct known as Hydroxy, or HHO gas. Hydroxy is 3 times more potent than gasoline alone, and will boost your car's gas mileage up to 50%, with a corresponding increase in performance.

With a simple water fuel cell conversion kit, gas savings can amount to $200 or more each month. This process will not void your car's warranty, and may even be tax deductible under IRS tax rules. Many kits are available for under $100, with some as cheap as $49.

With Congress stalling on allowing new gas and oil drillings, and gas prices continuously over $3.98 per gallon, you owe it to yourself to explore this creative option.

The Honea Path, S. C. , Police Department has converted to this alternative technology. For more information on how to convert your gas guzzler car, SUV, or Diesel Truck into a water fuel hybrid, please visit (Joe Williams, Charlotte, N. C. )


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Water Fuel Cell For Cars Save Fuel With Hydrogen Fuel Cell
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