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Smart Car Gas Mileage Is it As Smart to Purchase One For Its Fuel Efficiency?


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Smart car gas mileage might be one of the most important factors that will decide whether the smart automobile will improve its market share. The Daimler automobile is set to make its debut in the United States in 2008 and will soon be joining other eco-automobiles that had suddenly become quite a trend in automobile manufacturing.

The debate surrounding smart car gas mileage is yet to reach its conclusion. The manufacturer has touted the stylish design of the vehicle and its fuel efficiency. However, not everyone is convinced of the gas efficiency of this tiny automobile.

The smart car measures 98.4 inches in length. The idea behind its size is to allow the automobile easy parking, with two or three smart cars able to occupy a parking slot reserved for a single regular-sized car. The smart is offered in various models; the Smart Fortwo, Roadster, Crosstown and the Forfour supermini.

Designed as an ecological vehicle, the automobile has a hybrid engine and other innovative features developed with ecological purposes in mind. An electric version of the smart car is also being offered in Great Britain as a lease vehicle.

The size, according to its manufacturer, will help give the automobile fuel efficiency not found in bigger, heavier models. However, some industry observers have criticized the car's fuel efficiency claim, arguing that its gas mileage is lower than Toyota Prius and the Honda models, Insight and Civic Hybrid. Despite this argument, the smart vehicle still comes up fourth among the most fuel efficient cars in the market. In the United States, at least. The smart records an mpg rating of 33 city and 41 highway.

The original version of the vehicle, the Smart Fortwo, can seat two and comes in a coupe version. It has three variations; Pure, Pulse and Passion. The Pure and Pulse models feature Softip manual transmission systems, while the Passion is equipped with the Softouch automatic transmission system.

Reports on the fuel economy of the smart vary. The automobile does have valid claims for being fuel efficient, but other bigger brands and models can claim even better gas mileage and efficiency. The automobile was developed with the idea of creating an affordable, eco-friendly automobile that young people will like. Its entry in the U. S. market will likely decide whether it has fulfilled its initial purpose.

The issue of smart car gas mileage has been questioned, not because it isn't true, but because upon comparison, some car reviewers have found bigger models that have better fuel efficiency performance. However, one cannot hold that against the smart. The car still has a pretty good level of gas mileage performance. And it does look interesting once you get used to its miniature size.

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