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Water Fuel Cell Cars - Is This Another Water For Gas Scam?

Peter Lawrence

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Water fuel cell cars are the new craze, and their importance are now being seriously considered because of high fuel prices around the globe.

If we are to believe the energy analysts, fuel prices that have now passed US $4.00 per gallon are most likely to reach US $7.00 per gallon by the end of the year if the current trend continues.

If you are working with a fixed budget and you are a serious and proactive person, then a water fuel cell car is the perfect choice for you.

When people hear the term water fuel cell cars, they immediately assume that the cars will be running on water alone but this is not the case, because a wholly water-powered car is not currently available to the public.

If you desire a water fuel cell car, you will have to buy the parts at your local hardware store. These parts will cost you in the range $50- $200 and you will be happy with the final result after assembly and installation.

If you are a hobbyist or a mechanic, you will be able to follow the guides because these guides provide clear instructions on how to assemble the hydrogen generator, for instance.

If you do not know much about cars, and possibly never changed a tire, then this is a job for your mechanic. Any mechanic even a backyard mechanic, would be able to do the assembly and the installation. The assembly should take a few hours, while the installation should not take more than one hour.

This assembly is 100% reversible and it would not affect your car warranty at all. Your water4gas conversion kit can not only be used on cars, but can also be used on trucks and SUVs.

The benefits from a water fuel cell car are enormous because you will save a great deal of money at the pump. People who have installed this water4gas technology have also contributed to saving the planet from smog.

If you are concerned about rising fuel prices and you want to do something about it, then a water fuel cell car is right for you.

The maintenance of your water fuel cell car will include the following but not limited to adding distilled water and baking, and cleaning the electrodes with a toothbrush.

In all that you do, it is important that you follow the safety procedures outlined in your water4gas guide and also adhere to the parts specifications. If you do not, then there may be serious consequences.

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Make a DIY Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Run Cars on Water
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