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Hydrogen Fuel For Cars - How to Benefit From Water


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Using hydrogen fuel for cars has been around for quite a few years. There have been the lucky few who have benefited from new techniques that allow them to use water in their car to gain mpg in this revolutionary way. Here is a simple breakdown of how the water/gas method works.

The technology being used for the implementation the hydrogen fuel for cars is nothing new. In fact, it's been around for quite some time. There are hundreds of pages on the web that will explain just how it works, but most of it is filled with scientific crud that will loose most people. I will keep it as simple as possible, because it actually is quite easy to implement.

Let it be known that you do not need to go to an extreme like over hauling your engines or redoing everything under your hood. Hydrogen fuel for cars can be done pretty simple, with basic tools and supplies that you can pick up at any local hardware store.

The basics of using hydrogen fuel cars are as follows:

It uses your vehicles battery to separate the water (which is what you add, in addition to the gas you already use) from the gas, which is called “HHO". It's one part oxygen and the other two parts are hydrogen. When it is mixed, HHO is up to three times more potent that any gas is.

A quart sized container is usually placed somewhere under your hood and it is filled with distilled water, along with a bit of baking soda. Keep in mind that anything other than distilled water is not recommended in most cases. Then comes a little vacuum action, which is caused by the engines itself. In comes electricity from the engines also, and it produces the HHO that is necessary for the hydrogen fuel for cars.

Those are the basics, but getting your car to actually run with the hydrogen fuel for cars will take a couple more steps. You will need to make a few minor (easy) modifications to fit the canister under your hood, but most of the easy blueprints can be found on the web. A guide (also found on the web) is also something that is recommended, as it makes it ten times faster to implement.

Now, rich people will look at this technology and think it's not worth their time, but it is the middle class folks who will benefit from it the most. Do yourself a favor and search internet forums for keywords like hydrogen fuel for cars and see the thousands of posts about it. You can make an informed decision when comparing results from people who have already given it a go and tested it out in their car. Using hydrogen fuel for cars is something that many people should consider looking into and forums are an easy way to find the information.

Want a full review of the original “water 4 gas" tool that broke the revolutionary barrier and allowed people to utilize hydrogen fuel for cars ? Keep reading. . .

Adam Woodham is the author of this article and runs the website BetterGasSaver , which features a review and testimonial of the original Water 4 Gas, which is the proven leader in the hydrogen fuel for cars revolution. Saving money at the pump has never been easier.


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How Do Hydrogen Fuel Cells Work on Cars Convert Car to Run on Water
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