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Can You Save Gas With HHO Hydrogen Generators - Or is it Just Another Scam?

Jody Collier

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Do these Hydrogen Generator Kits really save gas? Do they really work or are they just another scam? Well, It depends who you ask.

The term “Hydrogen Generator" for a car refer to Kits that can be assembled using common hardware. They are gas saving devices that use the electricity from your battery to make HHO hydrogen gas out of a distilled water and baking soda mixture in a container under the hood of your car. Electricity that is already available from your battery is passed through a solution of distilled water and baking soda. Hydrogen and Oxygen are then separated from the solution into a fuel gas. The hydrogen and oxygen (HHO gas) are then fed into the cars intake system to increase the fuel burning efficiency of the vehicle.

I overheard a guy talking in the gym where I work out about installing a hydrogen generator on his big full size Ford Bronco. He swore he went from 11 all the way to 17 mpg. He also said he just quit talking about it because no one believed him.

I was curious and asked him a bunch of questions and what I learned is that most people stop at the hydrogen HHO generator part. They don't go to the trouble of making the other necessary adjustments. That seems to be the difference between someone calling the hydrogen HHO generator a scam and those who brag about saving gas. With all the YouTube videos out there demonstrating home built hydrogen HHO generators making HHO and hydrogen gas for cars, there might be something to this.

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DIY Hydrogen Generators You Can Get Up to 40% Or More MPG in Your Vehicle!
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