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Run Your Car on Water - The Secret Detroit is Hiding

Jody Collier

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Have you noticed all the “Run your car on water" ads popping up on all the Google and Yahoo pages. A glance at these web pages shows claims of increased gas mileage and performance, but the notion of being able to run your car on water seems impossible. As gas prices rise, we are left with the question, are these gas saving devices a Scam? or has Detroit been whizzing down our necks and telling us its raining?

A days worth of research into HHO Gas (or Browns Gas) revealed that it is not a new technology at all and has been used in industry for many years. In fact the welding industry has benefited from machines that convert water into HHO gas for welding and cutting. The gas burns cleanly and its only byproduct is water, no pollution. This much of the “run your car on water" ads proved to be the real deal.

HHO Gas is a very efficient fuel, but what about the hydrogen conversion from water? How difficult is it to convert a gas burning car to also use HHO? Is it safe? Since the HHO hydrogen gas is burned for fuel immediately, it is much safer than hydrogen fuel cell designs.

How hard are these things to install? The “run your car on water" ads claim that the conversion can be done with less than $50 in common hardware and installed in one afternoon.

I overheard a guy talking about installing one of these gas saving devices and he swore he increased the gas mileage in his Full size Ford Bronco from 11 to 17 mpg. Turns out it was one of these “run your car on water" devices that he installed. He insisted that it worked buy he said quit talking about it because no one believed him.

He said the installation was pretty easy and requires only basic automotive knowledge. He cautioned about following the instructions when it came to modifying a certain sensor unit. Otherwise the oxygen sensor would compensate with more fuel when it sensed the oxygen in the HHO gas.

Another thing the guy said was that he could really tell the Bronco was running better and stronger after installing the HHO device.

If you are still wondering whether the “run your car on water" ads are telling the truth you will just have to take a chance and find out. It's important that you look around and find a manual that is knowledgeable and clearly written. With some of these companies offering a money back guarantee, you don't have anything to lose if it doesn't work.

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