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Improving Gas Mileage - It's a Matter of National Security

Jody Collier

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Imagine technology for improving gas mileage and a car engine that could reduce America's dependence on foreign oil and help curb global warming.

I am not talking about hybrid cars here with a trunk full of batteries, but rather technology that is capable of improving gas mileage of all cars and trucks. Technology that is real and exists today. Congress should seriously get a boot in the butt for not promoting it.

Before I tell you what it is, did you know that the world consumes the equivalent of an Olympic size swimming pool full of oils every 15 seconds. I said every 15 seconds!

I remember reading a few days ago that Oscar awards during wartime were made from plaster. That was because there was a metal shortage and all Americans were expected to sacrifice. Everyone pitched in for the greater good because national security was at stake. It doesn't even sound real does it? But it was very symbolic that we were all in it together. But what about our dependence on foreign oil? Now thats a national security issue. Our Economy as well as our military machine, both depend on oil to the extent that it is just unwise.

Something needs to be done. We need to get serious about improving gas mileage of all vehicles.

I was in the Gym a few weeks ago and heard a guy talking about installing a piece of hardware on his Big 4 wheel drive Bronco and improved his gas mileage from 11 to 17 mpg. I was all ears so when I got home, I looked up the website he said he got it from. Turns out there are quite a few websites offering downloadable instructions on how to build these things. Its definitely worth checking out because some of them have money back risk free guarantees. And its easy to do a charge back on your credit card if it doesn't work.

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