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How to Improve Gas Mileage With a DIY Hybrid - Caveman Methods to Run Your Car on Water

Jody Collier

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Is there any such thing a a Do it yourself DIY Hybrid car that really works? With gas prices eating away all our extra money, what can we do? Are there really any gas saving devices that work or is Detroit designing cars to get the absolute maximum possible gas mileage? Should you get a Hybrid? I don't know about you but I don't really want a Hybrid. It remains to be seen how efficient they really are in the long run. And exactly how environmentally friendly are they if the battery only lasts 5 years? Landfills filled with hybrid batteries does not sound very green to me.

What about other solutions? What about the Do it yourself DIY hybrid kits? Not a DIY Hybrid as in a trunk full of batteries, but a device that creates an additional fuel source that also helps the gas you use to burn more efficiently.

Do they work? The DIY hybrid guides guides provide instructions on converting a car to use water as a fuel supplement. It might seem crazy at first sight but it is really is possible to use water as a gas supplement by converting water to HHO (hydrogen and oxygen) gas. Converting a car to use HHO can improve gas mileage, save you money on gas and lower your emissions.

The hydrogen conversion process is called electrolysis and is safe because the hydrogen is extracted and consumed as you drive . The system consists of a simple container, some tubing, and a source of electricity (your car's battery) You don't need to be an expert mechanic to make it work but some DIY hybrid guides explain the steps better than others. I would definitely try to find one that offers a money back guarantee so you wont be stuck.

This Car crazy country needs help and this might just be the answer!

For more information on Hydrogen generators, HHO gas and other gas saving devices, visit


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Improve Your Gas Mileage With A Water Fuel Cell
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