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Looking For the Cheapest Fuel Are You? You Can Try to Run Your Car on Water Fuel Cells

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The car owners are at the cross roads for they are faced with fuel price hikes and also offered a solution in the form of hybrid cars, that pose a great challenge in the form of price tag. The ever increasing fuel prices offer no solace to any of us. A good concept in the form of electric car was not given to the people as the idea had to face many challenges in political arena.

The drivers where so desperate in the search for the alternate fuel and found the cheapest of all - water! Yes, there has been reports of water being effectively used as fuel. The electrolysis process of water gives out Browns gas (HHO gas) which is then burned along with fuel. The inventor made a brief appearance and demonstrated the usage of technology in car and other ways of use. But important thing is that it works and many drivers have benefited from this. Now many old cars use vegetable oil, water to run more efficiently.

The addition of this water fuel cells in the car makes the ride smoother, reduces the pollution and also increases the horse power. Increase of 207% in the fuel economy is assured. Not many of us know that the cars of today have very poor engine design and they can use only 20% fuel pumped into them. The rest is the major causal agent for pollution and is not burned for good usage. With resources being completely depleted, we are to face more and more price hikes, and so it is essential that you run run your car on water fuel cells and use fuel efficiently. You convert your car to run on water either for reducing pollution or for increasing mileage, it will always help you and environment in many ways.

Do you want to convert your car to run on water with less than 150$, including the conversion kit?

Best Conversion Guides that you can use to convert your car to run on water reviewed. You can use that guide to also build your own conversion kit.


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