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How About Riding an Electric Motorcycle?


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Many car buyers are becoming environmentally conscious in many different ways, including using electric scooters (which are called electric motorcycles if they go more than 30 mph). After all, with gasoline over $3.65 and the price going up daily, it's often a financial decision, rather than a focus on ‘green’ technology.

This is not to say that drivers lack concern when it comes to global warning, climate change, or the massive amounts of pollution automobiles spew into the air each day. Or that they don't care that electric scooters are silent and give off no pollution. It's just that often change occurs when our pocketbooks are so negatively affected that most of us have no choice.

As a result, interest in electric motorcycles and scooters is growing at a rapid pace. Indeed, the New York City Police Department is replacing their gasoline powered scooters with electric scooters because they are both energy efficient and super quiet. . . the latter being a real plus to law enforcement!

The NYPD expects these electric scooters to run between 40-65 miles without having to be recharged. Now that might not sound like a lot. But if you're traveling in urban areas, it's actually quite a long distance, particularly since they can be plugged in to a basic wall socket and recharged in 2 hours at a cost of about a nickel!

Compare fully charging an electric scooter for 90ยข compared filling your tank at $3.65 a gallon. No wonder many people are looking toward electric scooters and motorcycles as a reasonable alternative.

While some high performance electric scooters, such as the stylish Vectrix, can go from 0-60 in under 8 seconds, most electric scooters are designed to run only up to about 20 mph. Not only that, but all scooters have limited ranges based on their batteries.

However, since most people don't actually travel significant distances most days, electric scooters are quite practical for commuting to work or school. And, if you add a cargo carrier, you can run most errands with ease. Considering that electric scooters cost about two cents a mile to run. . . as opposed to $.11 - $.20 a mile, they are far more cost effective than even the most green automobiles on the road today.

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