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WOW! Here's The Simple Option To Increase Mileage - Run Your Car On Water Fuel Cells!

Nicusor Valentin Prefac

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We are were in for some real gloomy news in November 2007 when a further hike in fuel price was announced. Fuel takes a much important place in our budget for the month. The introduction of the electric car and hybrid car has offered no real assistance to us either. The sky high prices has made us think high of the fuel prices themselves, as they are at least in smaller installments!

We are at the cross roads, and are desperate for some one to save us. But the wait seems to have ended. There was the report of a man demonstrating his newly found water fuel cells. The trick seems to be working. The “Convert your car to run on water"thing seems to be working. The water is converted to HHO gas, or the Brown's gas as it is widely known in electrolysis and this in turn seems to increase the efficiency of fuel nearly five folds. No ugly additions to your car is needed. You can convert your car to run on water with just some parts bolted on, and these things are completely removable without leaving any traces of attachments.

You are given the option to increase fuel economy by 207% and the thing is that with under $100 spent for making the add-on, you are giving yourself the opportunity to save thousands of dollars. There is no maintenance sort of work needed at all. Once a couple of weeks you check for water levels and perfect connection. Run your car on water fuel cells and make sure further fuel price hikes do not affect you. More fuel price hikes are on the cards, and it is better to follow the savvy path that many have already chosen to take.

Best Conversion Guides to convert your car to run on water, reviewed!

Do you know that you can make a conversion to water kit with less than $150? Read More Here !


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Water Fuel Cells Save Fuel With Water Fuel Cells
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