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Car Running On Water - Is It Possible To Run Your Car On Water?


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Car's running on water? Sounds like some futuristic sci-fi mumbo-jumbo. I never knew that you could build your own hydrogen generator and create a burnable gas called HHO, or Brown's gas and turn your car into a water burning hybrid. . . but you can!

I've seen hundreds of people build their own hydrogen generators and start running their cars on water. Actually, they are supplementing the gas they already use with an on-demand form of hydrogen gas that they produce from a device they built themselves and for under $65.

I've traveled around to different events where people show of their water cars and boast of 250% mileage increases. I own a hydrogen generator as well and am currently getting about a 35% increase but I'm using a fairly basic model but plan to upgrade.

This technology is really pretty cool, and has been around forever. There is no economical value in developing it so automakers are pursuing hydrogen fuel cells that are expensive, dangerous and will keep us tied to a pumping station. . . where this hydrogen will be heavily taxed by the government.

Not my idea of trying to save money. Thousand upon thousands of people all across the globe have built their own hydrogen generators and are running their cars on water. They built their hydrogen generator with parts they found locally and it only takes a couple of days to do.

It installs quickly and easily and you do not have to modify your car's engine or computer in any way.

An added benefit to this technology is that your car will run cleaner, quieter and smoother. . . and will last longer too!

Want to build one yourself? Of course you do! I have a guide at my website that will show you, step by step how to make this hydrogen generator. It's freakin awesome and the government can't do anything about it! Go to


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Run Your Car on Water Hoax Is Running Your Car on Water a Big Spoof?
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