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Some Simple Tips To Help Save Gas


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Make sure you have enough pressure in your tires because there is more drag on under inflated tires and that means the engine will be working harder to drive the car along the road.

When the engine has to work harder to do the same job it will use more fuel and that is going to cost you more money at the pump.

While on the subject of tires you should always ensure that your wheels are aligned correctly.

This will not only reduce tire wear but it will also save you fuel because there will be less resistance when the wheels are correctly aligned.

Many people don't get regular wheel alignments because they are unwilling to spend the money necessary but it is usually more economical to get this done every six months to save on tires and fuel.

It also makes the vehicle safer to have correctly inflated tires and the proper wheel alignment as it will help the car to ‘track’ better down the road.

Make sure that your vehicle is well tuned and get it serviced when needed as even the oil that is in the engine has an effect on the efficiency of the vehicle and any area that is inefficient is paid for with extra fuel usage.

Your driving style will have a noticeable affect on the fuel consumption of your car.

You should always try to drive as smoothly as possible.
Racing away from the traffic lights will consume more fuel and there is no need to race up to stop signs and intersections when you can coast there and save fuel and wear and tear on the brakes.

The smoother your driving style the less you will be paying for fuel and maintenance on your vehicle.

You can save gas and drastically reduce your running expenses.

How would you like to keep more of that hard earned cash that you are currently pumping into the atmosphere with the inefficient vehicles that the automobile manufacturers are selling to you?


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Simple Ways to Save For Your Future
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