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Cold Air Intake - A Fuel Saver


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While most people fit a cold air intake for the sole purpose of gaining power and making their vehicle go faster, there is renewed interest in the use of the cold air intake by those people who wish to save fuel due to the prices they are expected to pay these days.

The cold air intake increases the performance of the engine by lowering the temperature of the air going into the engine.

By increasing the power by maximizing the efficiency of the engine the vehicle is able to do the same job that is asked of it with less effort.

By reducing the effort to travel the same piece of road there is less fuel burnt and that is where you get your fuel saving.

For most people, fitting a cold air intake will make them tend to drive faster because they will feel the extra power that the engine will be developing.
They will be able to accelerate faster and travel at higher speeds.

That is not the goal of this exercise. The car should still be driven smoothly and at the same speeds that it was before the fitting of the cold air intake to realize the fuel savings.

It only takes a small increase in efficiency for a reasonable saving of fuel and as the cost of fitting a cold air intake is minimal it is a good way to save fuel and also have the additional power when required.

Fitting a cold air intake is a job that any home mechanic can perform with the simple instructions that comes with the products.

You can save gas and drastically reduce your running expenses.

How would you like to keep more of that hard earned cash that you are currently pumping into the atmosphere with the inefficient vehicles that the automobile manufacturers are selling to you?


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