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Electric Race Cars Are Hitting The Race Tracks


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Who would have ever considered that they would be watching motor racing where all of the cars would have electric motors?

Well it might sound far fetched but the reality of the situation is, it will be coming to a race track near you sooner than you might think. For years there have been electric cars performing astoundingly at the drag strip where they only require their power for a few seconds but they have certainly proven that an electric motor can perform with the best of them albeit for a very short time.

Electric vehicles have always been limited by their batteries, both in the charge they can hold and in the weight that is necessary to get enough power from them.

This is already changing with more racers using laptop batteries to power their electric vehicles. They can use several thousand batteries to power one vehicle but this helps to reduce the weight of the vehicle by several hundred pounds when compared to the use of a few conventional batteries.

There are still some problems to contend with when using laptop batteries, with the most concern due to the heat that they can generate. It won't be long before such issues have been addressed and just like the computer and the digital camera, the electric car batteries will get smaller, more powerful and more efficient.

Once that happens, you can expect to see them dominating the race tracks as they have done in their divisions on the drag strip.

You can save gas and drastically reduce your running expenses.

How would you like to keep more of that hard earned cash that you are currently pumping into the atmosphere with the inefficient vehicles that the automobile manufacturers are selling to you?


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