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Hybrid Cars Reduce Noise Pollution?


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Hybrid cars are becoming quite popular in recent times mainly due to the savings that they bring in fuel costs and also the fact that hybrid cars reduce emit less pollution and are therefore are better for the environment than cars that run on petroleum based fuel. One other reason that hybrid cars are becoming popular is that they also reduce noise pollution.

Have you ever gone on a trip to the country and listened to the birds chirping and water trickling down a creek close by? If you have then you have probably also sat there enjoying the sounds of nature and thinking how nice it would be if it were always that peaceful.

Unfortunately these days the world is so busy and so noisy and so stressful. If you live in a city or suburbs you will hear constant traffic noises and the peaceful sounds of nature are usually nowhere to be found. Along with the financial benefits and the benefits to air pollution, the hybrid car also brings with it the benefit of reducing noise pollution. The hybrid car that runs on an electric motor, winds its way through traffic creating hardly any noise. How good would it be if all cars were that quiet and the busy hustle and bustle sounds of traffic became a thing of the past?

The one concern with the hybrid car and its reduced noise is that it is so quiet that you can hardly hear it coming. This has become a concern for some people and in particular a concern for blind people who rely on noise to hear a car coming.

With cars that are so quiet, blind people need to be even more cautious when crossing roads. Most traffic lights do have beeping equipment for the blind and many blind people do have guide dogs with them and if they do take that extra caution when crossing roads they should be fine.

The question has been asked though, for safety reasons should the hybrid car perhaps have a sound of its own so that a blind person can distinguish the sound of the car coming? Should hybrid cars have a minimum noise standard that they should meet?

The noise doesn't have to be loud but just something distinctive enough to make them safer for pedestrians would be good.

The quietness of the hybrid is very welcomed by many people however as the new peaceful sound of the motor world. So if you hate traffic noise perhaps you should look into a hybrid car and help reduce noise pollution.

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