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How Can I Increase My Gas Mileage - Save Money On Gas?


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This was the question I asked my ex-husband when he told me that he had actually lowered his gas bills for his fleet of heating and air-conditioning service vans. He told me he had built his own hydrogen generator and turned his gas guzzlers into fuel efficient water burning hybrids.

I figured he owed me an explanation after the hell he put me through during our marriage and I demanded he show me how to build my own hydrogen generator so I could increase my gas mileage and save money on my gas bill.

Being the kind of guy he is, he let me borrow the guide he used to build his fuel saving device and wished me good luck. Typical. But being the independent and stubborn woman that I am, I set out to build my own hydrogen generator and try to turn my own car into a water burning hybrid.

It actually turned out to be pretty easy. I found all the parts I needed locally and for under $65. My daughter and I spent the weekend building and installing the hydrogen generator and with a few tweaks and a little trial and error, had the thing up and running and producing a burnable form of hydrogen called HHO.

This is actually two bonded hydrogen atoms in the presence of an oxygen atom. I was surprised how simple this was to do and wondered why this technology wasn't more well known.

Guess there is no economical value in it. Seems to make more sense to keep us hard working folks tied to some sort of fueling station that the government can collect taxes on. This is probably why they are researching pure hydrogen cell technology but I can't afford a new car that burns pure hydrogen and I definitely don't like the idea of riding around on a tank of the explosive stuff.

My hydrogen generator produces a safe form of hydrogen that is produced on-demand and not stored anywhere. There is no record of anyone being hurt by this technology so I feel confident having it installed on my vehicle. Which was a breeze as well because you do not have to modify your car's engine or computer in any way.

Want to build one yourself? Of course you do! I have a guide at my website that will show you, step by step how to make this hydrogen generator. It's freakin awesome and the government can't do anything about it! Go to


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How To Get Better Fuel Mileage-Do It Yourself and Save Money
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