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Water For Gas - Is It A Scam?


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Water for gas. Is it possible to run your car on water? This is the question people are asking in hopes of finding a way to increase their gas mileage and fight rising gas prices.

First it is important to understand that you are not running your car on water alone. You are actually using water as a supplemental fuel source to turn your car into a water burning hybrid.

Next you must realize that you need to extract the energy out of the water using less energy than it takes to create it. This is not realistic if you are trying to get pure hydrogen out of water.

But it is possible if you are just trying to separate the oxygen atom from the two bonded hydrogen atoms and create a burnable fuel known as HHO, or Brown's gas named after the famous researcher Yull Brown.

You create this gas by building your own hydrogen generator. This is simple to do and the parts can be found locally and for under $65. I built mine over the course of a single weekend with common household tools.

The hydrogen generator works by electrolysis. You simply provide a small amount of power from your car's battery through a set of electrodes submersed in water and the opposite charges rip the water molecule apart into two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen.

This gas is created on-demand and is safe and burns cleanly. When combined with the gas you are already using, the resulting mixture allows the engine to run cooler, cleaner and with more power.

Cars are designed to get lousy gas mileage. Unburned fuel is hidden by mandated catalytic convertors making sure we fill up more and more often (which of course is heavily taxed) and the harmful deposits left wear out your engine ensuring eventual failure.

At least this seems to be the thinking of thousands upon thousands of people who have built their own hydrogen generators and have doubled their gas mileage and increased their engines performance.

I've been running my own hydrogen generator for a few months now and have seen an increase of about 35%. I'm basically using water for gas and could not be happier!

Want to build one yourself? Of course you do! I have a guide at my website that will show you, step by step how to make this hydrogen generator. It's freakin awesome and the government can't do anything about it! Go to


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Run Your Car With Water Review Is Run Your Car With Water a Scam?
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