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Build Your Own Hydrogen Generator - DIY Plans


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How to build your own hydrogen generator and cut your gas bill in half. This was the title of the article I read when I went searching for a way to increase my gas mileage.

I had no idea what a hydrogen generator was but I certainly wanted to find out seeing as how it could cut my gas bill in half. After filtering through some blatant advertising and information it seemed was written by elementary school dropouts, I finally came to the above article and got an idea of what all the fuss was about.

The cool thing I soon realized was that we kind of had a conspiracy theory on our hands. I knew that there was research being done into hydrogen fuel cell technology but that it was expensive and dangerous and not at all currently practical.

But it seems there is another type of hydrogen gas called HHO, or Brown's gas that you can produce with a system you can build yourself and run off of ordinary water. This technology has been around for years and years but has been suppressed by big business and the government because there is no economical value in developing it.

This is the conspiracy theory I'm talking about. I don't know if it is true but if this were to actually work then you have to scratch your head and wonder why more people have not heard about it.

Well, I was certainly curious and bought myself a set of plans and set out to build my own hydrogen generator. I found all the parts locally and for under $65. I built the generator over the course of a single weekend and installed it in no time.

I'm not the most technically or mechanically inclined person around so I imagine it took twice as long as it should have but it was still pretty basic and easy to do.

I've been running my hydrogen generator for a few months now and I've increased my gas mileage by about 35%. Others have increased theirs by as much as 80-100%. I'm using a pretty basic model but plan to expand on it to eventually double my gas mileage.

Want to build one yourself? Of course you do! I have a guide at my website that will show you, step by step how to make this hydrogen generator. It's freakin awesome and the government can't do anything about it! Go to


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DIY Hydrogen Generators - Build Your Own Hydrogen Generator and Increase Gas ..
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