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Alternate Fuels For Cars - Save Money With These Top 6 Alternate Fuels For Cars


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Alternate Fuels For Cars are something that many people seek. It's no wonder why - because as the urgency for a greener planet presses down upon us, we are all feeling the pressure of a struggling economy where taxes are becoming so high that we are literally forced to find cheaper alternatives to all our purchases, particularly car fuel. . .

And of course, because car fuel is so expensive and is something that requires regular replenishment, now is the time to seek alternate fuels for cars so not only can we provide our own input to saving the planet, but indeed save a fortune on the daily increase in car fuel.

The following 6 alternate fuels are becoming more and more popular and are proven ways to save huge wads of cash that you would otherwise thrown away each week into a gas guzzling car. Make sure you check out the last part of this article to see how to actually get your own money saving, alternate fuels for car with a proven system!

These are ranked in ease of implementation and potential savings, from worst (#6) to best (#1)

#6 Biodiesel

Biodesel is made from waste vegetable oil or animal fats. Biodiesel is a domestically grown and produced fuel that can be mixed with petroleum diesel fuel to help reduce car emissions.

#5 Electricity

Electrically fuelled cars are becoming more and more popular, particularly in big, commercially driven cities where top speeds are not as high. Electrically fuelled cars are a greener alternative to gas guzzling transportation. Such electric cars range from Hybrids to NEVs.

#4 Ethanol

Domestically produced from grain or bio mass, ethanol is another fuel source that is becoming more and more popular at many gas stations around the world (just look for the E85 symbol). Ethanol is again, a lighter alternative to the pollution ridden petrol of today.

#3 Natural Gas (methane)

Methane is produced off the back of oil drilling. Natural gas or methane powered vehicles are produced by various manufacturers these days, and conversions can also be made to gasoline-powered engines. Natural gas/methane is a very cost effective alternate fuel for cars.

#2 Propane

Propane has always been known as a specialized fuel for vehicles operated indoors, such as fork lift trucks. This is because the fuel burns so clearly, it is excellent for reduced omissions. Propane is also commonly associated with cooking, but don't think that it is limited to cooking alone, as propane makes an excellent solution to pollution spitting, money draining petrol equivalents.

#1 Hydrogen (best choice)

Hydrogen constitutes for 90 percent of the atoms of the world. Rain, oceans, snow, water. . . the basis of life on this planet is seeded from Hydrogen. And because of this natural element, Hydrogen is by far the least damaging fuel supply you can have for your car. Plus, it's the cheapest. Combine this cost effective, money saving fuel supply along with the fact that Hydrogen is THE smarter, greener choice of alternative fuels, and you can immediately see why millions of people are quickly trying to figure out how to convert their cars to run on hydrogen too.

Wouldn't it be nice to save the planet AND take an extra vacation this year? Perhaps buy the kids an extra birthday present or have an unforgettable Christmas this year?

Well, when you check out this loophole over at , you will discover how to convert your car to run on WATER, and you will be laughing all the way to the bank! This system is a forgotten patent that is now available to the public, and is taking the world by storm! Go check it out now at

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Cars That Run on Water Save Money
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