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Cheap Used Cars From Police Auctions & Government Auctions Can Be Great Quality Cars


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Cheap used cars from police auctions and government auctions aren't necessarily junkers. Have you ever known somebody that continually keeps buying good, used cars, and you don't know how they can do it based on their type of salary? I've known people like that, and it always bugged me because I know for a fact that I make more money than them, and even I can't afford that kind of spending! So how do they do it? One day I finally asked, and I was told that they get their cars at government car auctions. Huh?

The most common used car auctions held by the government are for fleets leased by various government agencies. Every 2 to 5 years, these fleets are liquidated and replaced. Those “liquidations" usually take the form of government auctions.

In addition, when someone forfeits their car or truck in a crime or tax conviction, the government will usually seize the vehicle and other property, and hold an auction where their stuff is sold off to the highest bidder. These can be held at the local level, the state level, and even the federal level. These auctions are also held periodically, so if you've missed one - no problem; just attend the next one!

If you're looking at cheap used cars in particular, then these auctions are a blessing. Decent, good, and sometimes GREAT cars are auctioned off every day. Want to buy a car for your 17 year old son's upcoming birthday, but don't have the funds to do so? Look into your local government car auction. You can find everything and anything, depending on what's been seized. You can even find parts, tires, car jacks, heck, even air fresheners. The opportunities are almost limitless.

The bids usually start very low, sometimes 90-95% off the showroom retail price. It's a good idea to get to a government car auction early (the early bird gets the worm and all that jazz), and be the first to bid. Other people will be there too, because they have the same idea as you! They want an affordable, nearly brand new car. That's why you need to be aware of everything going on at the auction. Be aware, be alert, and keep your eyes open.

One nice benefit about these government car auctions is that you never have to talk face to face with a dealer. Personally, I find them quite annoying, and these auctions cut out that middle man that I don't want to have to deal with every time I want to purchase a car. In conclusion, if you want an affordable, like-new car, and want it without any hassle, get your fanny to your local government car auction and bid, bid, bid.

In addition to finding listings for police auctions and government auctions in your local papers, you can cruise them online. In fact, there are membership sites devoted to compiling the many thousands of auctions held throughout the country all in one place. Sites like Government Auction Site Reviews can help you find a membership site that will meet your needs.

Mr. Ullman writes about Government Auctions, Police Auctions, and Real Estate Foreclosures at Government Auction Site Reviews


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