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Hybrid Vehicles - Good For Your Wallet, The Environment & The American Economy


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You may be surprised to find out that the United States consumes a quarter of the world's oil supply but only carries three percent of the world's oil reserves on its own territory. As a result, America is forced to import over 60% of the oil our country needs, relying more and more on foreign countries, particularly in the Middle East, to support our oil dependency.

Many experts are under the impression that the introduction and popularity of hybrid vehicles in the US will lessen our dependency on overseas oil. Powered jointly by gasoline and electric engines, hybrids use much less gasoline than conventional vehicles and therefore use less oil. Over 11 million barrels of oil are imported into the US each day and although most of it is contributed to industry, the running of vehicles still uses quite a bit of oil and hybrids provide a way to limit that amount.

Because the market reacted so well towards the introduction of hybrid vehicles, it is predicted that more Americans will buy the fuel-efficient automobiles, which also lower gasoline costs and are better for the environment. Many hybrid buyers are also gaining incentives, offered by the government, and have been spreading the word about the benefits of hybrid vehicles to their friends and families

Though US oil dependency will be affected by the sales of hybrids, it is unlikely that it will be a huge selling factor. It was recently discovered that if every car in the US was a hybrid car, the country would be saving approximately 15 percent more oil than usual. Because oil is such a hot commodity, this seemingly small amount could change a lot in the political and economical world as well effect as the attitude American consumers have about the environment.

Though consumers are welcoming hybrids to the market, the vehicles are being sold faster than they can be made and the change in US dependency will come slowly. Despite the effects the vehicles have on oil usage, the environment and the amount of gasoline used, many car owners are unlikely to trade in their current vehicles for a hybrid model. The process, however, has begun and it won't be long before the effects of purchasing a hybrid will be seen in American economy.

If the prospects of saving hundreds of dollars a month on gasoline costs, helping the environment and benefiting from buyer incentives isn't enough to make your next car a hybrid, think of the amount of oil your country imports from others and do something to help lower that dependency.

Roman Robinson is a writer for He shares his passion for hybrid vehicles and the outstanding benefits they offer.


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The Deal on Hybrid Vehicles and Alternative Fuel
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