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What All BMW Dealers Won't Tell You


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You probably have had an experience like this.

You get the itch for a new or pre-owned BMW. The first thing you do is look in your local newspaper for the model you want hoping to find a great deal. So you pack up the family and go from dealership to dealership searching for the perfect BMW with the financing that meets your needs. When you finally decide on the car you want, then the real struggle begins.

Let's say that you want to buy a pre-owned 2006 BMW X5. And this little baby has it all: Black Leather Interior, Self-Leveling Suspension, Navigation System, Cold Weather Package, Heated Steering Wheel, 8 Cylinder 4.8 Liter Engine and on and on. The minute you saw this Imola Red honey you fell instantly in love. Now the last thing you want is a hassle over the price and the financing.

As you know, car salesmen are notorious for being aggressive and abrasive.

My experience when buying any car has always been like this. During the test drive all the salesman does is talk talk talk. He or she keeps pointing out features of the car even before they ask me what is most important to me when I buy my next car. All you want to do at this point is just get a “good feel" for the car to see if you really like it and want to buy it. That's all you want to do at this point-right?

Even after the test drive is over, the agony continues for you.

Most likely you will spend between two and three hours at the dealership. From haggling over the price, going back and forth between you and the sales manager, and doing all the other paperwork-it's a hassle. No question about it.

But here's what your local BMW dealer won't tell you.

There is a whole other world out there you should know about when buying a new or pre-owned BMW. There is a way where you can find exactly the BMW that you want and at a price acceptable to you. You spend no money on gas going from dealer to dealer. You don't have to talk to any “salesman". And you don't have to spend hours of your valuable time putting the deal together. Sounds like a dream come true doesn't it?

Online Auctions.

That's right. There are many websites where you can benefit from seeing thousands of new and pre-owned BMWs. You can check out the 3 Series, 5 Series, Roadsters, M Series, X Series and any other model or year made by BMW. Online auctions are probably the most overlooked source for car buyers. It doesn't matter if you are looking to spend $8,000 or $100,000 for your BMW. Online auctions provide you with the benefits of buying safely, securely, professionally and without all the hassles.

The most popular online auction site usually has from 2100 to 2500 BMWs for sale on any given day. For example, let's take that 2006 Imora Red BMW X5 mentioned above. On a well known auction site, here is how the listing appeared.

There were 30 detailed pictures of the cars from every angle, front, back , sides, interior, dashboard close-up, steering wheel close-up, driver seat controls, passenger A/C system, sunroof, engine, etc. In addition the potential buyers could see the VIN number, mileage, vehicle location, warranties, status of the title, plus the 88 features and options with this particular BMW X5.

Not only is nothing hidden from the potential buyers, but also the buyer gets options to order online a “Vehicle History Report" and an “Independent Inspection". Both of these will give you peace of mind before you decide to close the deal and buy the car. In many ways an online auction is better than buying in person because it gives you more time to do your research and make a decision.

And here is a tremendous benefit to you when buying your BMW at an online auction. You get to decide exactly what price you will pay based upon your needs and the other bids offered. There is no pressure for you to pay more than you should. Plus, if you need to have your BMW shipped to you, that can also be arranged at the time of purchase.

Now you know “What All BMW Dealers Won't Tell You". Online auctions just might be for you.

Chet Waters is the BMW Specialist. Learn How To Find Your BMW And At A Price You Can Afford. Go To:


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