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Does Enviromax Plus From Extreme Rewards Really Increase Gas Mileage And Performance?

Randy Vanderveen

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High fuel prices have become an emotional issue for many people from every demographic. Opinions vary as to the cause of these rising gas prices. Whatever the reason, many are looking for a solution to get some relief from the strain it has put on their budgets and get better gas mileage.

There are many fuel additives available that do different things but most only provide a band-aid effect and really don't get to the root of the problem which is the ability of a vehicle to burn the highest percentage of the fuel in its tank. It is a fact that most vehicles rarely burn more than 90% of the fuel going through the engine. The remaining percentage goes unburned and out the exhaust as excess pollution and causes an unfortunate carbon buildup in the engine.

Texas Tech University did a study about 8 years ago to try to resolve the conflict for the scientific community and advocates for environmental responsibility, between better engine efficiency and reduced emissions. The objective of the study was to investigate a potential solution that offers both improvement in engine performance and a reduction in emissions. The approach was based on the utilization of a fuel catalyst. While there are numerous additives available, they chose to use a catalyst product of Maxma L. Lubbock, TX. called Enviromax Plus, marketed by Extreme Rewards, because of a combination of solid catalysts and organic peroxide which serve as combustion promoters.

The tests were performed in commercial diesel trucks because of their association with dirty engines and black smoke. At the beginning of the tests, fuel tanks were filled at a local service station and the odometer was recorded. The trucks were driven for 110 miles on roads in normal urban traffic and returned for the emissions test to determine the particulate matter while the trucks were stationary. Odometer readings were again recorded. This approach allowed for the baseline to be established for all parameters. A measured amount of one ounce of Enviromax per five gallons of fuel was then added to the truck's tanks and the refueling quantity was recorded before an additional 110 miles on the same route was taken. Once again the trucks returned to be refueled with the quantity of fuel added to be recorded. A series of similar road tests were performed three more times in order to assess experimental variations and to detect chronological effects on the trucks engines from continuous use of the catalyst with the fuel.

Results showed that the solid catalyst in the Enviromax product appeared to stabilize the organic peroxide when the correct combination is added to commercial diesel fuels. The presence of the organic peroxide in the fuel also creates an increase in the cetane rating of the fuel. Elevated cetane levels are known to provide better road mileage and engine performance. Also, the solid micron-sized zinc oxide particles in Enviromax appear to promote better combustion within the engine's cylinders. Since metal oxides and peroxides are used as solid heterogeneous catalysts, the combustion reactions that occur on their surfaces have an additional supply of oxygen with the potential to push any oxidation reactions closer to completion while at the same time allowing the engine to run cooler. In other words, the presence of this mineral oxygen decreases the potential for unburned fuel which leads to better performance and mileage. The increase percentages in mileage were from 14% - 32%.

Core Labs in Houston, TX also did a lubricity test on diesel engines and found the results to show less “wear metal" in engine oil when the Enviromax catalyst is used. One of the usual problems with diesel fuel is a reduction in lubricity when cetane levels increase. As a result, fuel pumps and injectors receive accelerated wear if not modified. However, the use of Enviromax increases cetane levels without decreasing lubricity.

Experimental results also point out that apart from the obvious advantages of less emissions and increased mileage, the use of Extreme Reward's product may also offer some non-obvious savings on vehicle maintenance.

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About the Author: Randy Vanderveen is an experienced internet marketer and President of Vanderveen Marketing Group. His mission is to develop leaders into full time 6-figure earners and home business entrepreneurs.


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