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Convert Your Vehicle to Run On WATER

Erik C Fuller

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We have seen cars run with electricity, batteries, ethanol, and of course gas. These are things we are not at all surprised by because they all cost a lot of money. Isn't it time that we create a new invention? Something that can really change the way we look at gas prices again?

The gas prices right now make me allergic to gas stations. It's like every time I go there I get some itch, it usually is near my ass when I have to pull out my wallet. We don't really acknowledge the fact that we are taken advantage of. Oil companies know that we depend on gas to drive, so they tend to monopolize our gas intake, along with our money.

I was watching the news one day and saw something on FOX 2 saying that you can convert your cars so they can run on water. It definitely caught my attention, as I'm sure it would catch yours as well.

But is it really possible?

The inventor has invented a device on how to convert water into HHO gas. The creators of the structure claim that we only use 20% of the gasoline we put into our tanks. The rest of the gas is completely wasted.

All the gas is wasted by not being burnt all the way. This leads to what we call pollution. Another thing it is wasted on is the heat. The more heat, the more wasted gas.

For example. . . Right now gas is about $3.50/gallon. OUCH. We use only 20% of this amount; so really we are only getting 70 cents out of it. The rest ($2.80) is completely wasted!

These car conversion kits are very easy to install, and can be used on any car. They are also reversible so there is no damage done to the value of the car.

Are you sick and tired of the rise in gas prices? Are you interested in building your own water powered vehicle? The author has created a review site that provides you with the best DIY Water Conversion Guides on the internet. Start saving money today!



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Save Money on Gas With a Car That Runs on Water Convert to a Water Hybrid in ..
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