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IRS Refunds - Get an IRS Refund For Owning a Water Powered Car

Erik C Fuller

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If you didn't already know this, let me fill you in. It is now possible for any person to convert their car (any car) to run on water. Not only can you do this, you can do it from your very own home. There is no need to take it to a professional because they are very simple to install.

Having the right guide, and the right materials is all you need to do this on your own. Converting your car so it can run on water not only saves you a ton on gas prices, but it also gives you the ability to request a refund from the IRS.

By using water powered cars you are considered to be using something the government calls a “green" car. Green cars are considered to be of help to the economy because you are creating less pollution than normal cars. You are also reducing the debt that our country is in with the oil industries. Now that we are so dependent on oil, politicians are pretty much in war with the oil companies.

The IRS made this possible about 3 years ago. People that were using alternative fuel cars were protesting that they should not have to pay the IRS for certain things that normal gas drivers pay. The IRS could no longer ignore this because even they knew that it was unfair to be charging green cars the same as other cars. You can get up to $2,000 dollars back on a car! Not to mention that your gas prices are cut in half as well. However make sure you keep the receipts for installing your water conversion kit .

If you are thinking in your head that this costs a fortune, It doesn't! It can be done for less than $200. Imagine what this $200 could do for you. You can save money on gas, and you can also apply the IRS refund technique I told you about.

Are you sick and tired of the rise in gas prices? Are you interested in building your own water powered vehicle? The author has created a review site that provides you with the best DIY Water Conversion Guides on the internet. Start saving money today -


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Water Powered Cars Use Water As Alternative Way to Run Your Car on Water
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