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Gas Prices - What Can We Do About It


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As a self-proclaimed financial wizard I make it my business to investigate any method that I can think of to save and earn and invest money. To that end, I have developed my list of the best ways to save money on gas.

Gas prices are a major issue for most of us. It was for me for a great many years while I drove to work over 50 miles each way every day. It was during these drives that I realized that saving money on gas could be broken down to three main categorize and that virtually all methods that I could think of fell into one of these categories.

Driving Habits

This should be the most basic and common knowledge for most people. Too many stops and starts, driving too fast, sudden starts will all cause you to use more gas than you need to. Also, instead of opening your windows, use your flow-through vent for cooling, opening your window causes you to loose aerodynamics.

Automobile Maintenance

Regular oil changes, accurate tire pressure, and engine maintenance will save gas and money. If you slightly over fill your tires, you will increase your mileage further, but please be aware that you will give up some control so please do not try it in winter.

Fuel efficiency of the vehicle

Your vehicle is either fuel-efficient or its not. Or is it? Is there something you can do to increase the fuel-efficiency of your vehicle? Hybrids are much too expensive for most of us, but there is something you can do to turn your vehicle into a hybrid. With a simple screwdriver and the knowledge to use it, you can convert your car to run on a combination of water and gas.

If you want to learn more about this technology, then please look at my blog below.

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Lowest Gas Prices Will We Ever See Lower Gas Prices Than We Have Now?
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