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How To Create Fuel Out Of Water To Power Your Car


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It is not only possible to power your car on water; it is also possible to create that fuel yourself by the use of a home built hydrogen generator that creates burnable, on-demand fuel out of water.

In fact, I built one myself and if a non-mechanically inclined country girl like me can do it, anyone can.

You see, a gallon of water has three times the energy in it than a gallon of gasoline. . . you just need to get it out.

You do that by electrolysis. Using you car's battery as a power source, you supply electrical current to a set of electrodes submersed in water and you break the water molecules down to their core components and create a form of hydrogen called orthohydrogen, or Brown's gas named after the famous researcher, Yull Brown.

I built my generator with just a little help from the neighbor because I don't own a jig saw and being a woman allows me to get out of a lot of work. . . just kidding!

Anyway, I built it for under $60.00 and over the course of one weekend. It was so easy to install in the vehicle as well because you don't modify the engine or the car's computer in any way. In fact, if you sell the car you can remove it in about two minute with no evidence of it ever being there.

The only reason you would want to remove it is so you could install it on your next vehicle.

The model I built saves my about 25% on my fuel bill but I could actually do better if I were to bypass the oxygen sensor, which by the way is not difficult to do, I just haven't had the time myself and the neighbor is out of town.

Anyway, the oxygen sensor actually prevents you from getting good gas mileage by measuring the oxygen in the exhaust and compensating for it to allow you to only use about 25% of the available energy in a gallon of fuel. The rest is cooked by the catalytic converter, a device mandated by the government to conceal the evidence of un-burnt fuel pouring out of your tail pipe.

Many feel these measures are taken to keep us buying gas and to shorten the life of the engine so you have to buy a new car every ten years or so. It doesn't matter what the truth is as you now can get around all this and double your fuel mileage using hydrogen gas to supplement the gasoline your engine burns and not only protect your engine by using a cleaner burning fuel, but help the environment as well

It really was a no-brainer for me to build and install one of these generators on my vehicle and you should really consider doing it to.

Want to build one yourself? I have a guide at my website that will show you, step by step how to make this hydrogen generator. It's freakin awesome and the government can't do anything about it! Got to


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Water Fuel Get Better Fuel Economy and Save the Environment With Water Fuel
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