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The Potential of Water Fuel Cars Can Save


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A number of pressing issues are driving Americans to look for ways to reduce their reliance on gasoline-powered vehicles. The price of gas is significantly cutting into people's budgets. Many people no longer want to be dependent on foreign countries for oil. The pollutants that spew from our tailpipes damage the environment, and people want greener solutions. Many people want a solution, but it seems that such technology is still beyond our grasp.

It turns out, though, that there is a very old technology, almost a century old, that might hold the key to solving these problems. It reduces the amount of gasoline your car uses, can be installed for less than $1000, and the substance it runs on is readily available. Imagine cars that run on water.

Impossible, right? Well, it is true that it sounds like something out of a cheesy movie, but the technology really does exist, and is on the roads today in a variety of vehicles, including 18 wheelers. The trick is that a water fuel car isn't actually using water for fuel, but the hydrogen in the water.

Hydrogen is an excellent fuel that has been designated as a “clean-burning fuel" by the FDA. By passing a mild current through water, using electricity supplied by the vehicle's battery, the hydrogen and oxygen are separated and form into a gas, called Brown's gas.

The Brown's gas is then used to supplement the car's gasoline fuel source. The hydrogen-oxygen gas is fed into the carburetor or manifold. The water fuel car gets better gas mileage because it is burning less gasoline. One tank of gas can last 50% longer, and even 100% longer than it would in a car running on gasoline alone.

The reduction in gasoline consumption also helps the environment. Brown's gas burns clean, leaving behind only water and oxygen. This dilutes the cars usual emissions, reducing the output of pollutants.

Such a system is not hard to install. If you are nervous about doing it yourself, a local mechanic or friend who is familiar with cars can help. It is possible to buy fully assembled, fully installed systems, but these systems will cost 3 times as much or more as a do-it-yourself job.

This innovation is ingenious yet simple, and promises to save you money, increase American independence, and help the environment. What more could we ask for? Change your life, change the world, and at an affordable price.

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Free Info How to Save Thousand From Fuel Using Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars
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