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Turn Your Car Into Hydrogen Powered Cars Hybrid Using Water As Fuel


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You can now convert your vehicle be it a car or a truck into one of those hydrogen powered cars hybrid with a revolutionary system. The system makes use of water as a supplementary fuel to gasoline/diesel to power vehicles.

This system turns cars into hydrogen powered cars by converting water into a gas known as HHO (2 parts Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen). It is commonly referred to as Brown gas. This gas, when combusted, is able release more energy than regular petrol because it uses the power of Hydrogen. The result is the release of water and oxygen which poses no harm to the environment or health of the public.

Although the system will not eliminate the use of gasoline, it greatly increases the efficiency of the engine's use of petrol by running longer with the same amount of fuel. This means the drivers will experience an increase in mileage with the same full tank of gasoline. Also, Brown gas burns cleanly and does not produce carbon deposits, hence giving the engine a smoother operation.

Some people are concerned about the safety issue of driving hydrogen powered cars or trucks. However, what they do not know is that hydrogen is only dangerous when stored in storage tanks for later use. The system we refer to produces hydrogen on demand, no storage tanks involved and thus will not pose a safety hazard.

Another concern drivers may have with using the system is warranty. If that's your worry as well, you will be pleased to know that the system is designed in such a way drivers can install or dismantle the unit within minutes and this will in no way affect engine operation. Hence, warranty will remain intact.

Find out how to convert your car into one of thousands of hydrogen powered cars hybrid on the road and save money on petrol as well as help to combat global warming here .

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How to Build a Hydrogen Generator to Turn Your Car Into a Water Burning Hybrid
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