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How To Run A Car On Water As Fuel And Save Money


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It is now possible to run a car on water as fuel by using a system installed in the engine compartment. It combines the use of water and gasoline to power vehicles which reduces the amount of petrol/diesel used. Drivers using this system can expect an increased mileage by possibly up to 100% and cut down on emission of harmful exhaust.

The system works in such a way that uses water as a fuel to generate a gas known as HHO or Brown gas to power cars or trucks. HHO, also known as Hydroxy provides 3 times the power as compared the same amount of gasoline. It contains the atomic power of Hydrogen while maintaining the chemical stability of water. The gas when burned releases 2 things, water and oxygen. Therefore, it is very ideal as a fuel for both vehicle performance and environmental friendliness.

Do take note however, that this system will not totally eliminate the use of gasoline and run a car on water alone. What it essentially does is it helps the vehicle to run for longer distances with the same amount of petrol/diesel. The system can be used to run a car on water as well as using it for trucks.

Drivers using this system to run a car on water will benefit in the following ways:

1. Increased mileage with the same amount of fuel thus contributing to huge savings. People who are using the system have reported an increased as high as 100% but even a 30% or 50% increase is significant enough in economic terms.

2. Cleaner engine. Brown gas burns cleanly and does not produce carbon deposits. As a result, drivers will sense a smoother ride.

3. Increase power with safety. This system is unlike those fitted with pressurized hydrogen which poses a safety hazard. It produces hydrogen-on-demand when the vehicle needs it. Far more environmentally sound and perfectly safe for drivers and passengers.

4. Reduced engine temperature prolonging its lifespan and reducing its effect on global warming.

5. Great reduction in the emission of exhaust fumes that are damaging to health and the environment.

Find out how to you can run a car on water as fuel, saving tons of money in the long run and making a positive contribution in combating global warming here .

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Run Your Car on Water Fuel Cells and Save Money and Environment
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