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Water Powered Cars - Convert Your Car To Run On Water And Save Money


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Water powered cars is the buzz word nowadays especially with outrageous oil prices and issue of global warning. The difference between a car powered by water and the rest is in the engine compartment. With a slight modification, the system will benefit the environment as well as the driver in economic terms.

So what exactly is water powered cars system? Do they turn your vehicle to run on 100% water? I wish I could say that. Unfortunately, such technology has yet to exist, at least not commercially. This system modifies vehicles to run on both water and gasoline/diesel. Water is used as a supplement to gasoline. The system turns water into a gas known as HHO or Brown gas that in fact provides more energy than normal fuel and it burns cleaner as well. When Brown gas is burnt, water and oxygen is produced back into the atmosphere and thus no harmful chemical is released.

Many people who installed the system testify to increased mileage for up to 100%. That means they get to drive double the distance with the same amount of petrol/diesel. Convert that to monetary term, it is equivalent to saving of 50% on petrol.

Other benefits of the water powered cars system include cleaner engine, smoother ride, and prolonged lifespan of engine parts particularly pistons, valves, rings as well as bearings.

The system consists of parts that can be obtained from any hardware shop in your neighborhood and cost no more than $200. Once installed, it can be detached from the main vehicle engine in minutes. It can be used for both cars and trucks. Some who benefited from it actually turn the knowledge into the business by helping their friends and neighbors modify their vehicles.

Read how you can turn your petrol/money sucking vehicle into one of those water powered cars and save up to 50% of your fuel cost as well as making a contribution to stop global warming here .

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Running Your Car on Water Creating Water Powered Cars
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