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Run Your Car or Truck On Water Powered Engine - Why And How


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Water powered engine is no longer a myth although it cannot totally replace gasoline yet. More and more people are using water to supplement gasoline/diesel as fuel for their vehicles. These people are experiencing great savings in fuel costs as well as helping to make a positive contribution to the environment.

In a nutshell, water powered engine is achieved by installing a system that processes water to produce HHO or commonly known as Brown gas. When combusted, HHO produces more energy than petrol/diesel and burns more cleanly releasing water and oxygen back into the atmosphere. The overall result of using this system is increased mileage with the same amount of gasoline and cleaner engine.

People who have installed the system actually noticed a significant increase in the mileage of their cars/trucks between 30% to 100%. Now that is a significant number if you covert it to dollars and cents.

The system greatly reduces the emission of harmful chemicals into the air, reducing the negative effects of driving a car on people's health and the environment. Environmentalists will be happy to know that it also reduces the average operating temperature of the engine, thus helping to combat global warming caused by heat emission from vehicles.

Water powered engine system can be assembled using parts available in any neighborhood hardware shop and it does not cost more than $200 to put it together. Also, it is designed in such a way that can be detached from or re-attached to the main engine within minutes when necessary. Vehicle warranty will not be affected as the main engine is not affected in any way.

Imagine saving up to 50% or even more on your petrol and supplementing it with water with is so abundant. Find out in how you can have a water powered engine and start saving money as well as environment here .

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Save on Gas Prices With an Engine Powered With Water
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