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Turn Your Vehicle Into A Car That Runs On Water As Fuel


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Car that runs on water as fuel is no longer a myth. Now, there is a system that uses water as a supplement to petrol/diesel. Although currently water cannot yet fully replace gasoline, it can be combined with gasoline to help increase the efficiency of car engines. The end result will be increased performance and mileage which translates to financial savings for drivers using the system.

How does it work?

The system makes use of water to generate HHO also known as Brown gas. It is made up with 2 parts Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen. This gas is then supplied to the carburetor of the engine. When combusted, HHO produces 3 times more energy compared to the same amount of gasoline because Hydrogen is involved. The result is an engine with more power and yet is cleaner.

In what ways will I benefit from a car that runs on water?

Typically, our car engine only uses 20% of the fuel and the rest are wasted and released as heat and harmful chemicals into the environment. This system allows the car engine to function at increased efficiency in terms of fuel consumption. Therefore, drivers will be able to achieve higher mileage with a car that runs on water with the same amount of gasoline/diesel. This translates to cost savings. Those who have installed the system reported an increase of between 30% to 100% in mileage depending on car models.

When HHO is burnt, it produces water and oxygen. Hence no harmful exhaust is released. This helps to drastically reduce the overall amount of chemicals released from a car that runs on water. It also helps to reduce engine temperature, making a positive contribution to combating global warming.

Is it easy to install? What if I need to dismantle it temporarily? Will it void the warranty of my vehicle?

The parts required to assemble the system can be obtained from your typical neighborhood hardware shop. It is designed in such a way that can be dismantled and re-installed within minutes. The engine will in no way be damaged or affected and hence car owners can rest assured that their warranty will still intact.

Find out how you can turn your car/truck into a car that runs on water and save up to 50% of fuel cost while helping the environment here .

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