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Do You Really Need A Car?


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Today I was sitting in my car, annoyed while watching the traffic lights go red again before I passed them. This happens so many times, and every time I find myself grumbling and blaming the other drivers. Why didn't they speed up a bit before me?

Then, while driving I was thinking about writing this post. I had some ideas but I couldn't write them down, so I took my phone and started to look for the voice recorder function which appeared to be hidden somewhere far away in the menu. I though I found it, looked at the road in front of me and discovered I was almost driving on the wrong side with a car going the opposite direction coming dangerously close! Now that really made me think, does driving like this make me happy? Do I really need a car?

Ok, this post is not for everyone, because of course some people are living in remote areas or places with no public transport. I live in a busy environment. There is never a day without traffic jams. And driving a car in a situation like that can easily get you frustrated. Public transport is fast. So what are the advantages of leaving my car at home?

1. No traffic jams. Traffic jams are one of the most costly ways of wasting time.

2. I can capture my ideas, writing them down while enjoying the calm sound of train rushing me towards my destination.

3. Not having the feeling of being in control. While being in control can be a good thing in certain situations, it can be very frustrating while driving a car. You have the feeling that you can speed up your trip when you are running late, but you know you don't have any control over the traffic situation or the way the traffic lights are programmed. Not being in control can in this case be very relaxing!

4. No need to search for a parking spot. Now one of the advantages of driving a car is that you can drive it anywhere, straight to your destination. But in my case the destination is a big city with a huge amount of cars and not so many parking spots. And if you find one, it'll be expensive (hence the next point).

5. No parking costs!

6. Being able to read. It's always difficult to find some time in a busy day to dedicate to reading. And I always have a few books on my ‘to read’ list. Half an hour on the train twice a day gives you a good opportunity to read a good amount of pages!

7. Meeting people. While it doesn't happen often that you really meet an interesting person, traveling by public transport does give you the opportunity. And sometimes people can just be inspiring even without talking to them.

These are definitely enough reasons for met to leave my car at home. There are drawbacks to public transport, that's true. Like the woman next to you talking loud on the phone all the way while you are trying to read your book. And yes you'll have to travel to the train station or walk to the bus stop. Which will give you some free and healthy physical exercise!


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Do You Really Need A Car?
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