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Car Shopping Hijinks - 5 Things You Should Be Know Before You Sign The Dotted Line

Shaun Patrick Davidson

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So ok, you've done your research, you narrowed down your choices, and now it's time to make the right moves. For the last three times I've bought cars, the overall planning gets different as technology sets in, but the unspoken truth is, your local neighborhood dealer still plays the same cheesy games. And as a result, that can cost even the most educated of consumers thousands of hard earned dollars.

And so this is where I come in. Once the shifty sales guy standing with the other hoard of other sales guys, I've got five especially important tips to make your purchase a stress-free endeavor.

1. You've gone through all the time and effort researching the automobile you desire, so why not research your money!! Do you really want to cut the time in the car booth by half and get on with your lives?? Then try to obtain your own bank lending, the whole process of finance's trying to negotiate rate and term takes on average and hour plus. By going to the bank and manufacturing your own loan, the average consumer can save literally thousands in finance charges in the course of five to six years!! Therefore, you would only have to deal with the negotiating price of the car. Lesser of two evils is out of the way.

2. This is just a little something I touched on from number one. If you can have a bank cheque for say $20,000, wouldn't making negotiating easier if the dealer knew how much you were working with?? It's not to say you should settle for a ten grand car, but you can force the dealer to get your quota in line even on a $18-20k car with tax and tag included. You can easily gain the upper hand in this situation, pigeon hole the manager in getting his day started!! Which by the way, this is a great reason to buy an automobile during the week.

3. Don't fall for the switch car! This is what I would classify settling for 5th best. And let me elaborate. The dealer has all the time in the world. They'll try and switch you from that $20,000 car that you've had your heart set on, and try to sell a similar model that's a year older and $5,000 less. Resist the temptation! More than likely this model they would want you to buy, is some second hand rental car that already has thirty thousand miles and barely any warranty left. More and more dealers are starting to get plenty of these sleds in and cheaper than you think to equal out profit losses on their new inventory. It should be something to be aware of, the whole point of buying a car you love is to differentiate yourself from the crowd and getting around town. Just think about how you've driven your last rental car, and you'll completely understand. I've seen too many good people get toasted by escalating warranty and maintenance costs because of “The Switch".

4. You've probably heard it before, but call ahead and talk to the Inventory Manager first. He's personally responsible for ordering all those automobiles for the dealer. And when time's get tough, he has the authority to hoard all those aged units to dealers, rental companies, and yes, even Mr. Joe consumer. Generally he doesn't have to answer to his manager, he can easily structure a deal at the buyer's terms. Additionally, a huge advantage for the consumer, because you can find the specific car on the internet. Call the inventory manager to check availability. And offer to buy the car cheaply. Which he'll gladly do without hesitation. In summation, the great thing is the inventory manager is not paid on commission, there's less hunger to make money on these fine automobiles. Plus you can eliminate the salesman factor!!

5. Go into your purchase with a level head. You're making the commitment to dedicate several hours to the experience. Plus, you're enlisting the help of some fine sales consultants, who look up to the consumer for paying their way to stardom. It can be a blast, but at the same time it could be the most aggravating time of your life. Make sure you had full meal before, and have fun afterwards. These can be great memories, the purchase of large scale goods dictate can't ever leave the mind. You'll always remember your first time.

I've dedicated a number of years in the car business. The most fantastic experiences included fun times and real adventures. Knowing what it would take to cover the mortgage payment that month, made it a race to the finish line. The last day of the month I dreaded, but the zeal and passion for becoming a true professional pumped the adrenaline. In closing, ask yourself this. . . what is it about your salesman that made you say. . . yes!!??

Shaun Davidson is an online reviewer and consultant of new products and services. Being informed about today's new products goes a long way to making an educated and wise purchase choice.

Check out Shaun's blog entitled “Rules to Saving at The Pump". Saving money on gas is something we all wish for

Shaun Davidson-Automotive and Finance Consultant-2008


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