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How I Saved 2,000 Dollars on Gas This Year


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Water (H20), as just about anyone knows, consists of a mixture of hydrogen and water in a 2:1 ratio. The Fuel Power Enhancer applies a small current of electrical energy to split the hydrogen and oxygen molecules in water. The divided elements of hydrogen and oxygen are mixed with fuel and outside air. This cocktail is drawn into the vehicle's engine by use of vacuum pressure where it is mixed and fired up by the spark plugs.

The Fuel Power Enhancer uses low heat, low pressure and tiny electrical impulses to generate a unique mixed gas, called Rhodes~Browns Gas, in acknowledgment of the pioneers who first patented the process. This gas is significantly different from regular hydrogen gas. This system will generate about 1,850 quarts of hydrogen/oxygen gas from 1 quart of water. Producing this gas is a very simple, effective and safe process. It makes previous concerns about the safety of hydrogen all but irrelevant.

The Fuel PowerEnhancer makes ‘hydrogen on demand’ and ‘hydrogen on board’ systems a reality today. Usually our system can improve your MPG in the range of 25%-50%!

Reduce fuel consumption is not the only benefit attainable from the use of this system. Other rewards may include:

  • A noticeable upgrade in engine power. Less pressure is needed on the accelerator pedal, to get the vehicle up to speed.

  • The gas cocktail our system generates burns cleaner, more completely and more efficiently. It cleans up carbon deposits in the system and blocks future carbon build up.

  • Exhaust emissions harmful to the environment are significantly reduced.

  • The combustion chamber temperature also is lowered somewhat, contributing to better fuel combustion and a more swift flame spread ratio.

    Of course, since it involves working with combustibles, this is not technology that you should apply haphazardly or amateurishly. But the step by step guide that we provide will enable you as expert as any mechanic. Our guide is SO exact, in fact, that the list of items needed to assemble Water4Gas kits is actually listed with details including where to buy it, what the cost should be and the bar code number for the specific item! It is very exact and by applying this information per the steps given you will get all the wonderful results as thousands have before you!

    Linda Holstrom writes about online marketing product and Business related topics. You can learn more by visiting my site at:

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