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Muscle Cars - Are They Here To Stay?

David Atkin

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Over the years I've heard a lot of talk about abolishing the muscle cars; and when it will be done; it seems that the first time that I heard it was in the mid 1970's, and the muscle cars are still here; and then again in the 1980's with Ralph Nader; and a few other people that claimed that the muscle cars of the 1960's and 1970's were the cause of most of the air pollution, but never once did the powers that be look in to business that emit pollutants in to the air.

It's obvious that certain people need a scape goat, I don't know if it's to further their political career; or just that they have a grudge against American muscle cars, but a car never caused anybody direct damage, if it did it was because a person was behind the wheel, I love muscle cars and I always will, no matter who complains that they ruin the ozone layer, or whatever they might use as an excuse.

If these people actually used their brain just a little bit; they'd realize that most people that own these cars don't drive them everyday all day, there a weekend driver, something to have fun with, something to show off, it doesn't matter to us that they guzzle gas, it's not as if we drive them all the time, so why must these people attack our source of fun, our outlet for creativity, what's the big wrong doing with us loving these cars.

Muscle cars have provided me with a lot of years of fun, and even more years of learning everything that I can about them, maybe some people just need to learn how to appreciate the beauty of a classic muscle car, learn to appreciate the iniquity that built a car in 1970 called the Buick GSX, that until 1994 when the Dodge Viper came out, had more torque then any car ever built, and yes that includes imported cars, that screams American muscle.

Maybe they should take some time to really look at the body lines on the 1969 Camaro, and it's low slung sports car stance, with it's rear haunches short and muscly, and the swept back front windshield to give the car the appearance that it's moving fast, even when it sits still, these cars are a work of art, and should always be a part of the American landscape on our roads and highways, there should never come a time when we're not allowed to drive one of these cars.

The world doesn't need any more whiners, or hippies telling people what they should do, and what they should drive, we need to have the freedom to do as we please when it comes to our choice in cars, if gas is the excuse, then maybe we should get rid of the big powerful German cars, and the Italian imports, because if it goes fast it sucks gas, and this is just another ploy, another way for some activist to prove a point, another way to unleash idiot up on the earth.

please don't give what these people say a second thought, listen to your heart, feel the American muscle as you push the throttle pedal to the floor, because if you allow them to disappear, we will never have the pleasure to drive one again, and the only place that we'll even see one, is in some millionaire's classic car collection, and when that happens you can consider it game over, and we lose.

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I've been in the automotive business for about 20 or 25 years, I have worked in all facets of the industry, from parts to restoration, all different makes and models, I just want to keep people interested in the old cars because it's where my heart is.


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Cloned Muscle Cars - A Pain Staken Effort
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